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"Wake up early. Drink coffee. Work hard. Be ambitious. Keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up. Do well, live well and dress really well. Do what you love, love what you do. It is time to start living."

- Thank you for the reminder. Needed to read this. (via dream-on-darling)
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So it is my birthday month. Anyone else in disbelief that we have made it through summer?! Life has been a whirlwind of crazy. Been in charge of so much at work and wanting to get everything done perfectly, so that is stressful. And my apartment was inhabited with the bugs of the bed for the 2nd time. wtf. But I am at the end of the tunnel with those exterminations and I just purchased a brand new bed and bed frame for myself. Not really upset about that. It should arrive on October 17th, one day before my birthday and it will truly be a big girl birthday present to myself. Pretty proud of that. Things with the boy are good, no great. But these fall temperatures are making me miss my college town of New Paltz so much. Apple picking, hikes on cool days, hanging out. Kind of feel like Fall is actually the closing out of so much season - really looking forward to this month.